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EST. 2020

Since 2020, Kyuga Management has helped numerous companies with their digital marketing initiatives. 

At Kyuga, we believe that your marketing should be done the way you want it, not the way someone else dictates. That's why we work alongside our clients to provide them with the most in-house, out of house marketing experience.

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Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Consultant, Web Designer, Storyteller, and Dog Mom.

Hi, I'm Jess 👋 The owner of Kyuga Management.
When I was little, I told my grandmother that I wanted to write stories for a living - and that's kind of what I do now. Whether I am sharing the history of an antique on social media, helping a small business build a website to connect with a larger audience, or helping a business build a branding strategy that shares its vision, I am always story-telling.

If you're looking for marketing support to help you with your story, contact us today! 

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